Connecting Bryan Cranston and Ron Jeremy

Bryan Cranston American actor and filmmaker
In 1997, he played a supporting role in the Michael Dudikoff action film '' Strategic Command,'' alongside Richard Norton, Paul Winfield, and Stephen Quadros.

Stephen Quadros American television presenter and actor
Quadros also played "Angel Martin" alongside Traci Lords in the (1991) movie '' Shock 'Em Dead''. He was in '' CIA Code Name: Alexa'' (1993) as Max Mahler, where he went toe-to-toe in a fight scene with O. J. Simpson.

Traci Lords
Industry insiders, including Ron Jeremy, Tom Byron, Peter North, and Ginger Lynn said they never saw her use drugs and that she was always fully aware of her actions.

Bryan Cranston American actor and filmmaker
He is known for portraying Walter White in the AMC crime drama series '' Breaking Bad'' (2008–2013) and Hal in the Fox sitcom '' Malcolm in the Middle'' (2000–2006).
Cranston has claimed that he based his portrayal of Walter White on his own father, who had a slumped posture "like the weight of the world was on his shoulders".
From 2008 to 2013, Cranston starred in the AMC series '' Breaking Bad'', created by Vince Gilligan, in which he played Walter White, a high-school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminallung cancer.

Walter White (Breaking Bad)
Walt breaks into Jesse's apartment where the meth is stored, and finds him passed out with his girlfriend Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter).

Krysten Ritter American actress
Ritter appeared as the character Jane Margolis on the second season of AMC's drama series '' Breaking Bad'', and starred in the film '' How to Make Love to a Woman'' (2009), based on a best-selling book by adult film star Jenna Jameson.

Jenna Jameson
In 2002, Jameson and Ron Jeremy played themselves in Comedy Central's first feature television movie '' Porn 'n Chicken'', in the roles of speakers for a pornography viewing club.

Bryan Cranston American actor and filmmaker
That same year he made his second appearance for a recurring role on the CBSsitcom '' The King of Queens'', playing Doug Heffernan's neighbor, Tim Sacksky. In 1998, he appeared in Steven Spielberg's '' Saving Private Ryan'', as one-armed War Department Colonel I.W. Bryce, who reported to General George Marshall that Private Ryan was the last survivor of his brothers, and his assumed location.

Steven Spielberg American film director and screenwriter
He has seven children: Jessica Capshaw (born August 9, 1976), Max Samuel Spielberg (born June 13, 1985), Sasha Rebecca Spielberg (born May 14, 1990), Sawyer Avery Spielberg (born March 10, 1992), and Destry Allyn Spielberg (born December 1, 1996).

Jessica Capshaw American actress (born 1976)
Capshaw had a minor role in the drama '' The Locusts'' (1997), co-starring her mother, at age nineteen, then appeared in Adam Rifkin's independent film '' Denial'' (1998).

Adam Rifkin American film director
The film's ensemble cast includes Ali Larter, David Carradine, Talia Shire, Gary Busey, and Ron Jeremy.{{Citation needed|date=June 2009}}

Bryan Cranston American actor and filmmaker
you know, his physical comedy and his ability to be loose in his body." In a 2016 interview with Larry King, he said that he would love to work with Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, and Dustin Hoffman.

Dustin Hoffman
Hoffman next starred in ''Marathon Man'' (1976), a film based on William Goldman's novel of the same name, opposite Laurence Olivier and Roy Scheider.

Roy Scheider
Scheider was in '' The Men's Club'' (1986), '' 52 Pick-Up'' (1986) for John Frankenheimer, ''Cohen and Tate'' (1988), ''Listen to Me'' (1989), '' Night Game'' (1989), '' The Fourth War'' (1990) again for Frankenheimer, ''Somebody Has to Shoot the Picture'' (1990), and ''The Russia House'' (1990).
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52 Pick-Up 1986 film
* Ron Jeremy Hyatt as Party Goer

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