Connecting Helen McCrory and Genghis Khan

Helen McCrory English actress (1968–2021)
McCrory portrayed Cherie Blair in both '' The Queen'' (2006) and ''The Special Relationship'' (2010), alongside Michael Sheen who also portrayed husband and Prime Minister Tony Blair in both.

Michael Sheen
More recently, Sheen played an incarcerated serial killer surgeon in Fox's 2019 drama, ''Prodigal Son'' (2019), Aziraphale in the 2019 BBC/Amazon Studios miniseries of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's end of the world novel, ''Good Omens'', and appeared as Chris Tarrant in ''Quiz'', the 2020 screen adaptation of a theatrical production telling the tale of the coughing scandal which denied a top prize win on the British version of ''Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?'' in 2001.
In May 2019 Sheen starred alongside David Tennant in '' Good Omens'', based on the novel of the same name written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and was cast as Chris Tarrant in the TV adaptation of James Graham's stage play '' Quiz''.

Terry Pratchett
Some characters are parodies of well-known characters: for example, Pratchett's character Cohen the Barbarian, also called Ghengiz Cohen, is a parody of Conan the Barbarian and Genghis Khan, and his character Leonard of Quirm is a parody of Leonardo da Vinci.

Helen McCrory English actress (1968–2021)
She also portrayed Françoise in the film '' Charlotte Gray'' (2001), Narcissa Malfoy in the final three ''Harry Potter'' films (2009, 2010, 2011), Mama Jeanne in Martin Scorsese's family film '' Hugo'' (2011), Clair Dowar in the James Bond film '' Skyfall'' (2012), Polly Gray in '' Peaky Blinders'' (2013–2019), Emma Banville in ''Fearless'' (2017) and Kathryn Villiers in ''MotherFatherSon'' (2019).

Martin Scorsese American filmmaker
The film was first presented on television in both the United States (as part of the PBS '' American Masters'' series) and the United Kingdom (as part of the BBC Two '' Arena'' series) on September 26 to 27, 2005.

American Masters American biography television series
*"Pete Seeger: The Power of Song"

Pete Seeger American folk singer and social activist (1919–2014)
Europeans could apologize for worldwide conquests, Mongolians for Genghis Khan.

Helen McCrory English actress (1968–2021)
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Elizabeth I
From her teenage years and throughout her life she translated works in Latin and Greek by numerous classical authors, including the ''Pro Marcello'' of Cicero, the ''De consolatione philosophiae'' of Boethius, a treatise by Plutarch, and the ''Annals'' of Tacitus.

Cicero is portrayed as a hero in the novel ''A Pillar of Iron'' by Taylor Caldwell (1965). Robert Harris' novels '' Imperium'', ''Lustrum'' (published under the name ''Conspirata'' in the United States) and ''Dictator'' comprise a three-part series based on the life of Cicero.

Taylor Caldwell American novelist
Taylor Caldwell's best-known works include ''Dynasty of Death'', ''Dear and Glorious Physician'' (about Saint Luke), ''Ceremony of the Innocent'', ''Pillar of Iron'' (about Cicero), ''The Earth is the Lord's'' (about Genghis Khan) and '' Captains and the Kings''.
In ''The Earth Is the Lord's'' (1941), she fictionalized Genghis Khan; in ''The Arm and the Darkness'' (1943), Cardinal Richelieu; in ''A Pillar of Iron'' (1965), the Roman senator and orator Cicero; and in ''Glory and the Lightning'' (1974), Aspasia, mistress of the Athenian leader Pericles.

Helen McCrory English actress (1968–2021)
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Benedict Cumberbatch
In films, Cumberbatch has played Khan in '' Star Trek Into Darkness'' (2013), and has appeared in the historical dramas '' Amazing Grace'' (2006), '' 12 Years a Slave'' (2013), ''1917'' (2019) and '' The Courier'' (2020).
In 2013, Cumberbatch appeared in J. J. Abrams' sequel, ''Star Trek Into Darkness'', as Khan, the film's antagonist.

Khan Noonien Singh
It is also revealed his birth name was Noonien Singh and that he adopted the title "Khan" out of admiration for Genghis Khan.

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