Connecting Meek Mill and Caligula

Meek Mill American rapper from Pennsylvania
In August 2013, Mill was one of the many rappers mentioned by Kendrick Lamar on his guest verse on Big Sean's "Control".

Kendrick Lamar
His writing has also been called "confessional" and controversial. '' The New York Times'' has called Lamar's musical style anti-flamboyant, interior and complex and labelled him as a technical rapper. '' Billboard'' described his lyricism as "Shakespearean".

William Shakespeare
His last major tragedies, ''Antony and Cleopatra'' and ''Coriolanus'', contain some of Shakespeare's finest poetry and were considered his most successful tragedies by the poet and critic T. S. Eliot.

Antony and Cleopatra Play by William Shakespeare
Historical facts are also changed: in Plutarch, Antony's final defeat was many weeks after the Battle of Actium, and Octavia lived with Antony for several years and bore him two children: Antonia Major, paternal grandmother of the Emperor Nero and maternal grandmother of the Empress Valeria Messalina, and Antonia Minor, the sister-in-law of the Emperor Tiberius, mother of the Emperor Claudius, and paternal grandmother of the Emperor Caligula and Empress Agrippina the Younger.

Meek Mill American rapper from Pennsylvania
Meek directly references Drake in several lines of the song, such as "If you didn't write it, don't record it." He also implied that he was in a relationship with Drake's current love interest, Rihanna.

In an interview with Alexa Chung during '' Vogue'' Festival 2015, Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing praised Rihanna by stylistically comparing her to some of the biggest fashion icons in music history, such as Madonna, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and Prince.

David Bowie
He also continued acting; his roles included Major Jack Celliers in ''Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence'' (1983), Jareth the Goblin King in '' Labyrinth'' (1986), Pontius Pilate in ''The Last Temptation of Christ'' (1988), and Nikola Tesla in ''The Prestige'' (2006), among other film and television appearances and cameos.
Two years later, he played Pontius Pilate in Martin Scorsese's critically acclaimed biblical epic '' The Last Temptation of Christ'' (1988).

Pontius Pilate Roman governor of Judaea and condemner of Jesus
Following Tiberius's death, Pilate's hearing would have been handled by the new emperor Caligula: it is unclear whether any hearing took place, as new emperors often dismissed outstanding legal matters from previous reigns. The only sure outcome of Pilate's return to Rome is that he was not reinstated as governor of Judaea, either because the hearing went badly, or because Pilate did not wish to return. J. P. LĂ©monon argues that the fact that Pilate was not reinstated by Caligula does not mean that his trial went badly, but may simply have been because after ten years in the position it was time for him to take a new posting. Joan Taylor, on the other hand, argues that Pilate seems to have ended his career in disgrace, using his unflattering portrayal in Philo, written only a few years after his dismissal, as proof.

Meek Mill American rapper from Pennsylvania
As a kid, he became acquainted with another of his father's brothers, who under the MC name Grandmaster Nell was a pioneering disc jockey (DJ) in the late-1980s Philadelphia hip-hop scene and influenced rap artists Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Will Smith
Smith was set to star in the sci-fi thriller ''Brilliance'', an adaptation of Marcus Sakey's novel of the same name scripted by '' Jurassic Park'' writer David Koepp, but he left the project to work on the Ridley Scott-produced sports drama '' Concussion''.

Ridley Scott
The final scene of John Hurt's character has been named by a number of publications as one of the most memorable in cinematic history.<ref name="memorable">Sources that refer to the final scene of Hurt's character in ''Alien'' as one of the most memorable in cinematic history include these:

John Hurt
He played Caligula in the BBC TV series '' I, Claudius'' (1976).
The following year, Hurt won further acclaim for his bravura performance as the Roman emperor Caligula in the BBC drama serial '' I, Claudius''.

Meek Mill American rapper from Pennsylvania
In 2008, Atlanta-based rapper T.I. signed Meek Mill to his first record deal.
During that same year, Meek Mill also met the founder and owner of Grand Hustle Records, Atlanta-based rapper and record executive T.I. T.I. was also impressed by Mill and offered him an opportunity to travel, to meet with him and Warner Bros. Records; within a week both record companies offered him a deal.

T.I. American rapper and actor from Georgia
Another pop star, Britney Spears, later announced T.I. would appear on her song "Tik Tik Boom", from her eighth studio album '' Britney Jean'' (2013).

Little Boots
She shares her nickname with the ancient Roman emperor Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who was better known by his nickname Caligula (Latin for "Little Boot").

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