Connecting O. J. Simpson and Lele Pons

O. J. Simpson American sportsman and felon
O. J. Simpson's integrated defense counsel team included Johnnie Cochran, Robert Kardashian, Robert Shapiro, and F. Lee Bailey.

Robert Kardashian
* Kim
He had four children with his first wife, Kris Kardashian (''{{née}}'' Houghton, later Jenner): Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob, who appear on their family reality television series, ''Keeping Up with the Kardashians'', and its spinoffs.
Kardashian had four children with his first wife, Kris Kardashian (''née'' Houghton, later Jenner): Kourtney, Kimberly, Khloé, and Rob.

Kim Kardashian
She first gained media attention as a friend and stylist of Paris Hilton, but received wider notice after the sex tape '' Kim Kardashian, Superstar'', shot in 2002 with her then-boyfriend Ray J, was released in 2007.
In her 20s, she was the close friend and stylist of socialite Paris Hilton, through whom Kardashian first garnered media attention.
Kardashian had also begun working for socialite and childhood friend Paris Hilton as her stylist and assistant around 2003, appearing in multiple episodes of Hilton and Nicole Richie's reality show '' The Simple Life''.

Paris Hilton American media personality and socialite
She hosted the program, with guests including Kim Kardashian West, Nikki Glaser, Demi Lovato, Saweetie, Lele Pons, and Kathy and Nicky Hilton.

O. J. Simpson American sportsman and felon
O. J. Simpson's integrated defense counsel team included Johnnie Cochran, Robert Kardashian, Robert Shapiro, and F. Lee Bailey.

Johnnie Cochran American lawyer
Cochran represented Sean Combs, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur, Stanley Tookie Williams, Todd Bridges, football player Jim Brown, Snoop Dogg, former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe, 1992 Los Angeles riot beating victim Reginald Oliver Denny, and inmate and activist Geronimo Pratt.

Riddick Bowe American boxer
Bowe was in the same elementary school sixth-grade class with Mike Tyson.

Mike Tyson American boxer and media personality (born 1966)
In January 2017, Tyson launched his YouTube channel with Shots Studios, a comedy video and comedy music production company with young digital stars like Lele Pons and Rudy Mancuso.

O. J. Simpson American sportsman and felon
That same game also saw Simpson break Jim Brown's single-season rushing record of 1,863 yards.

Jim Brown
On October 11, 2018, Brown along with Kanye West met with president Donald Trump to discuss the state of America among other topics.

Kanye West
West had previously participated in cultural boycotts, joining Shakira and Rage Against the Machine in refusing to perform in Arizona after the 2010 implementation of stop and search laws directed against potential illegal aliens.

O. J. Simpson American sportsman and felon
Simpson said that he did not seriously consider an acting career until seeing Lee Marvin and Richard Burton, while filming ''The Klansman'' in Oroville, California, ordering chili from Chasen's via private jet.{{r|carson19791219}} He said in 1980 that "The Oscar or the Emmy says you've reached a level of competence in this business, and I would love to have one".{{r|goldberg20140612}} Simpson avoided starring in blaxploitation films, choosing third or fourth lead roles while studying experienced stars like Marvin and Burton.{{r|cahill19770908}} The Hertz commercials from 1975 benefited Simpson's acting career but he sometimes intentionally chose non-positive roles; "I've got to tear down that picture of O.J. Simpson, the clean-cut athlete, to get believability into whatever part I happen to be playing".{{r|crupi20160614}} Simpson also starred in the comedic '' Back to the Beach'' (1987) and ''The Naked Gun'' trilogy (1988, 1991, 1994).

Richard Burton
Burton remained closely associated in the public consciousness with his second wife, actress Elizabeth Taylor.
At a party held at Simmons' residence in Bel Air, Los Angeles to celebrate the success of ''The Robe'', Burton met Elizabeth Taylor for the first time.
Principal photography began in London in 1960 but had to be halted several times due to prevalent weather conditions.{{Sfn|Kashner|Schoenberger|2010|pp=12–13}} Elizabeth Taylor's inability to adapt to the English climate resulted in her falling continuously ill, further delaying production.{{Sfn|Kashner|Schoenberger|2010|pp=12–13}} In March 1961, she contracted a near-fatal case of pneumonia, which required a tracheotomy to be performed.
Fox's future appeared to hinge on what became the most expensive movie ever made until then, with costs reaching almost $40 million.{{Sfn|Alpert|1986|p=97}} During filming, Burton met and fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor, who was then married to Eddie Fisher.

Elizabeth Taylor
Through stars like Taylor, we sense the world-disordering impact of legendary women like Delilah, Salome, and Helen of Troy." In contrast, cultural critic M.G. Lord calls Taylor an "accidental feminist", stating that while she did not identify as a feminist, many of her films had feminist themes and "introduced a broad audience to feminist ideas.

Songs about Salome have been written by, among others, Archibald Joyce (1907, 1912), Tommy Duncan (1952), Karel Kryl (1965), Drs. P (1974), John Cale (1978), Kim Wilde (1984), The House of Love (1988), U2 (1990), Andrew Lloyd Webber (1993), Liz Phair (1993), Kurt Elling (1995), Susan McKeown (1995), Mark St. John Ellis as Elijah's Mantle (1995), Chumbawamba (1995) Old 97's (1997), The Changelings (1997), Loudovikos ton Anogeion (1997), The Residents (1998), Enrique Bunbury (1998), Chayanne (1999), Patti Smith (2000), Killing Miranda (2001), Gary Jules' "Pills" (2001), The Booda Velvets (2001), Stormwitch (2004), Flipron (2006), Xandria (2007), Pete Doherty (2009), Saltatio Mortis (2009), 9GOATS BLACK OUT (2009), Justin Vivian Bond (2011), Regina Spektor and Kaya (2012), Behemoth (2014), Wovenhand (2014), Marriages (2015), and Jarvis Cocker (2017).

Chayanne Puerto Rican singer, dancer, actor and composer
Through his wife, his niece is social media influencer Lele Pons.

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