Connecting Shirley Temple and Elijah Cummings

Shirley Temple American actress, singer, dancer, and diplomat (1928–2014)
president = George H. W. Bush
She served as the United States Ambassador to Czechoslovakia (August 23, 1989 – July 12, 1992), having been appointed by President George H. W. Bush, and was the first and only woman in this job.

George H. W. Bush
Neither George H. W. nor George W. Bush endorsed the eventual Republican nominee, Donald Trump; all three Bushes emerged as frequent critics of Trump's policies and speaking style, while Trump frequently criticized George W. Bush's presidency.
After the election, Bush wrote a letter to president-elect Donald Trump in January 2017 to inform him that because of his poor health, he would not be able to attend Trump's inauguration on January 20; he gave him his best wishes.

Donald Trump
In response, Trump sued the banks, Mazars, and committee chairman Elijah Cummings to prevent the disclosures. In May, DC District Court judge Amit Mehta ruled that Mazars must comply with the subpoena, and judge Edgardo Ramos of the Southern District Court of New York ruled that the banks must also comply.

Shirley Temple American actress, singer, dancer, and diplomat (1928–2014)
Temple got her start in foreign service after her failed run for Congress in 1967, when Henry Kissinger overheard her talking about South West Africa at a party.

Henry Kissinger
On November 17, 2016, Kissinger met with then President-electDonald Trump during which they discussed global affairs.
In December 2016, Kissinger advised then President-electDonald Trump to accept "Crimea as a part of Russia" in an attempt to secure a rapprochement between the United States and Russia, whose relations soured as a result of the Crimean crisis.

Donald Trump
Two of Trump's 15 original Cabinet members were gone within 15 months: Health and Human Services SecretaryTom Price was forced to resign in September 2017 due to excessive use of private charter jets and military aircraft, and Trump replaced Tillerson as Secretary of State with Mike Pompeo in March 2018 over disagreements on foreign policy.

Tom Price (American politician)
The House Oversight Committee started a bipartisan investigation led by Representatives Trey Gowdy (R-SC) and Elijah Cummings (D-MD) of all use of private and government-owned planes by non-elected government officials of the Executive Branch on September 26, citing {{UnitedStatesCode|5|5733}}, which states "The travel of an employee shall be by the most expeditious means of transportation practicable and shall be commensurate with the nature and purpose of the duties of the employee requiring such travel." Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) also sent a letter to the White House asking to "detail what steps the administration has taken to ensure that cabinet secretaries use the most fiscally responsible travel in accordance with the public trust they hold and the spirit and letter of all laws, regulations, and policies that apply."

Shirley Temple American actress, singer, dancer, and diplomat (1928–2014)
She was appointed first female Chief of Protocol of the United States (July 1, 1976 – January 21, 1977), and in charge of arrangements for President Jimmy Carter's inauguration and inaugural ball.

Jimmy Carter
Carter endorsed Vice President Al Gore days before the 2000 presidential election, and in the years following voiced his opinion that the election was won by Gore, despite the Supreme Court handing the election to Bush in the controversial '' Bush v. Gore'' ruling.

Al Gore Vice president of the United States from 1993 to 2001
Paul Sarbanes American politician and attorney
Sarbanes (center) with President Bill Clinton (his left) and Representative Elijah Cummings at the Morgan State University graduation in May 1997

Shirley Temple American actress, singer, dancer, and diplomat (1928–2014)
Temple openly sympathized with anti-communist dissidents and was ambassador when the United States established formal diplomatic relations with the newly elected government led by Václav Havel.

Václav Havel Czech statesman, playwright, and former dissident
* Havel was a major supporter of The Plastic People of the Universe, and close friend of its leader, Milan Hlavsa, its manager, Ivan Martin Jirous, and its guitarist/vocalist, Paul Wilson (who later became Havel's English translator and biographer) and a great fan of the rock band The Velvet Underground, sharing mutual respect with the principal singer-songwriter Lou Reed, and was also a lifelong Frank Zappa fan.

Frank Zappa
The same year, Baltimore mayor Sheila Dixon proclaimed August 9 as the city's official "Frank Zappa Day" citing Zappa's musical accomplishments as well as his defense of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Sheila Dixon American mayor
She was the front-runner in the Democratic primary until early 2016, when Congressman Elijah Cummings endorsed her leading opponent, Catherine Pugh in April 2016.

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